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Maxwell Heroes RPG the most beautiful Turkish Super Heroes and monsters online game. After Registration If war buy sell trade embark on a journey heromon heromon, Heromon will be able to capture and compete with other users..
Latest news & Updates
Our game is finished Beta.22.20.2016
Our game was opened on 13.12.2015. Please make a good auspicious of everybody. Please give me a message if any error occurs.
Maxwell Heroes is 1 year old.

Heromon capture video

Version 1.1.4

* The fight page has been completely rewritten.
* Fixed mistakes in the fight page.
* The education card picture in my profile has been changed.
* Added background to training card.
* Heromon and Tokon Market have been added (You can buy heromon with your pawns and coins from here.
* Some malfunctioning pages have been corrected.
* Design and background changed. And it was made like a turkish game.
* Updates have been left in Turkish.
* There will be separate updates now.
* Some incorrect images were detected. Many were fixed.

Version 1.1.3

* The New Year's Duties are active again.
* Current Character was New Year Veronica.5 Level.
* Our Logum has changed.

Version 1.1.2

* The tasks page was completely written from the wrong side.
* The feast for the sacrifice has begun.
* New Year's Day is over.
* Attack modification page rewritten.
* Added 17 attacks.
* Added 9 new heroons.
* Feast of Sacrifice began.
* The HeroMon icons on the map did not come out anymore, and the ones that were faulty were corrected.
* New heromons have been mapped.
* Ramadan Event was finished.
* Changed the current character and added Runman.
* 50% discount on the market started again.
* 1000% experience and gold event started again.
* Bayram's sugar is added back to the market (until the end of the holiday)
* Pide removed from the market.
* Menu and game design is completely new and looks better.
* The old video of the game has been removed and new video added.
* In addition, there was a problem of 1000% money.